Too Good To Be True – S2E3 (Colossians 3.22-4.18)

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Sermon Notes

If any of us has authentically encountered the love of Jesus, we can’t remain the same.  Inevitably, we will be changed.  Sometimes, that change is hard, and today we talk about how encountering Jesus in this way needs to change how we respond to authority, how we pray, what we are known for, and how we live.
Frankie Valli once famously penned these iconic words: “You’re too good to be true – I can’t take my eyes off you … at long last love has arrived, and I thank God I’m alive.” These words capture that distinct wonder of encountering something SO good that it seems unbelievable, and yet which draws us inexplicably toward it. As we dig into Season Two of our Too Good To Be True series, we will discover a reality that is bigger and better than anything we could have hoped to imagine, and is more true than anything else we could ever discover.