The Plot – Week 6

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Sermon Notes

At our core, everyone of us longs to connect to something bigger than us.  We pursue meaning and purpose in many places.  But all this world has to offer is ultimately empty – something called a chasing after the wind.  But there is a grand story that calls to all of us because the Author of that story designed us and this world, and He has a place for each of us in that story.
If our movie choices tell us anything about ourselves, it’s that we’re desperately seeking heroes in our lives … those larger-than-life figures of epic power and proportion.  We look to these mythical ideals to give us a sense of hope in surpassing unsurpassable odds, in a world oft gone mad around us.  We learn today that God has ordered His creation not for “super” people to sweep onto the scene … rather, He works through ORDINARY PEOPLE to accomplish INCREDIBLE THINGS.