The Good Life – Week 5 (Titus 3)

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Sermon Notes

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We all want it. We all pursue it. But we might not know what it really is. There is something deep within us that calls out that there must be more to living than just the hustle and bustle of life, more than just getting by or moving up. Today, we began looking at a short book in the Bible that provides so very much of the answer to this very BIG question and what it means for us to live The Good Life.
Our Series on living the Good Life concludes with a look at the last part of the letter the apostle Paul wrote to a young man he was mentoring, pushing his protégé to live a life that was pleasing to God and calling others to do the same.  In a world that often flips what is good and bad, this call to right living will lead followers of Jesus (and even those who aren’t!) to see the blessings of staying in step with God’s design.