Let’s Talk About That! (Week 4 – The Problem of Grief)

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Sermon Notes

Life is filled with questions. Some of those questions are hard to answer. Some of them are even hard to ask. Sometimes, there are questions that we think we’re not allowed to ask in a church. At Grace Family Church, we believe that church should be a safe place to discus any topic, from the bedroom to the bank account, so we’re chatting about some of these “touchy” subjects all month long in September. Invite your friends to be part of the dialogue!
The world we live in was designed to be a perfect place … but that’s not how things worked out.  In each of our worlds, we encounter pain, sorrow, loss, and heartache.  How can we navigate through the grief that seems to pervade every area of our lives?  Why does a loving God allow this pain to exist?  Join the discussion on the problem of grief today.