For Our Neighbors – Week 8 (Good News for All of Life)

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Sermon Notes

If you’ve been to church at some point in your life, you’ve probably heard the term “gospel” at some point … but what is this gospel? This summer, we’ll be looking at the story of good news of that God illustrates throughout all of Scripture. We’ll discover our own place in the gospel story and how to communicate it in powerful ways. We’ll also look at how the Gospel has actually given us a new identity in Christ and how to live out the truth of this gospel identity in the normal rhythms of everyday life.

The good news that we’ve been talking about for two months as a church family is bigger than just a ticket to heaven – it’s for all of life and has (or should have!) incredible impact on everything we do.  We conclude our message series today as Pastor Tim challenges us all to be For Our Neighbors in all of life.

During our For Our Neighbors series, we will be tapping into resources offered by Caesar Kalinowski, particularly his missive entitle The Gospel Primer. (