Proxy 3.3

Being intentional about organizing our lives around what is most important can be hard … we have so many demands on our time, so many things (good and bad alike) to draw our attention elsewhere. And that’s the thing – we could easily live a good & busy life and still miss out on living the best life that God has designed for us.

It takes effort to promote what is most important with my life. I have to evaluate my priorities. I have to make changes when those priorities aren’t what they should be. And – if I’m really honest – I don’t often want to do that.

But what I know is that if I order my life around what matters most to God – if I promote His values, His priorities – then I’m able to enter into His rest, His peace, His joy. So even though it’s difficult, I want to push intentionally into those things. And on Sunday, our third proxy challenge pushed us to order our lives around making Him a priority with our finances, to promote Him by making sure that we give back to Him from what He’s given to us.

Our challenge was to automate our giving either using the church’s online giving portal ( or through our personal bank bill pay options. We discussed that we already automate what is important in other areas of our lives, and this will help us to make sure that (when distractions or difficulties come our way) we’re able to continue to promote what is important to God, honoring Him with how we manage His resources.

So if you haven’t already, it only takes a few moments to promote God in this way, to champion something that is so very important to Him.

Thanks for pressing on to invest in what God is doing at Grace Family Church – helping people live Jesus-centered lives!

Curious how serious God considers our giving? Check out some powerful words that He spoke to Israel through the prophet Malachi … it’s the only time in all of the Bible that He tells His people to put Him to the test! =>