Proxy 3.2

Promoting God in our everyday lives – and therefore bringing the Divine into the everyday – is something that takes effort, but also something that brings incredible results … results FOR the Kingdom of God and results of JOY in our own lives. So the question that remains for us is this: “HOW do I promote God in my life?”

Now, clearly this means that we need to champion the cause of Christ and the mission of His church outside of our regular gatherings, but what does that look like? This past Sunday we were challenged to Open the Door to our community by intentionally inviting our friends, neighbors, coworkers, peers, family, and others to connect in with our June message series, entitled “Why?”

This series will focus on some of the biggest questions that we all have – whether or not we’re followers of Jesus. It’s a great time to simply ask someone to come along.

We provided everyone 3 postcard-sized handouts to facilitate this process – 1 to keep (to be reminded of what’s coming up and to keep our eyes wide for opportunities to open the door to those around us) and 2 to give away (using however it is God has wired us to make the invitations). It’s a simple, practical, and effective way to invite others to share in the joy that we’ve found in Jesus!

Maybe you’ll hand one to a coworker in the office. Maybe you’ll mail one to a friend with a handwritten note asking them to sit with you when they visit. Maybe you’ll walk across the street with a plate of cookies and let your neighbor know that you’d love for them to come along. Maybe you’ll write an original song and post it to YouTube inviting anyone who sees to connect in with the exciting things happening at GFC. However God has gifted, designed, and talented you, use it to promote God through these invitations!

And remember … you’re not just asking people to come to a church service. You’re inviting them to join in the journey of helping people live Jesus-centered lives here at Grace Family. You’re letting them know that we’re a place that values kids & students, community impact, gathering in groups, and engaging services. You’re showing them that being a follower of Jesus isn’t primarily about having a religion but about restoring and redeeming relationships.

And that’s something worth connecting to … for anyone!

And for your “Extra 10” (yes, we’re past 10 days, but it’s so GOOD to do this!), why not read how serious the Apostle Paul was about the building of Christ’s church? He has some intense things to say to the believers in the city of Corinth. You can read it here =>