Proxy 3.1

Happy Tuesday!  How has your third week of Proxy Challenges gone so far?  Hopefully, you’ve been able to listen to the message in person or through our podcast (on our website, in our app, or on iTunes) and you’re ready to up the challenge of stepping into some of what it means to be a good PROXY for God by PROMOTING Him and His agenda.  Are we ready?  I hope so!

Our first challenge urged us to:  “Focus on Christ” … the idea being that to promote God with our TIME by taking our individual lunchtimes three times this week to fast, pray, and worship Jesus.  Can we take those 30 or 60 minutes on three different days and say to God (and the world around us!), “Jesus, you are who and what I need, more than anything else this world has to offer”?  

Now if you’ve never fasted before, know that it is one those disciplines that the historic Christian church has practiced for millenia, a way of using the physical sensation of hunger to focus our minds on the radical need that our souls have for Jesus, to feel the pangs of hunger and use them to remind us how much we need to hunger for Christ.  It can be hard, and it definitely DOES take focus, but it will help you experience the presence and power of Jesus in a unique way.

And since we’re supposed to be promoting what we KNOW about God, why not take a portion of your three lunchtimes to pray for the lost and the broken, those who need the redeeming love and grace and mercy of Jesus in the ELANCO area and beyond, something that is definitely the heartbeat of who God is?


Interested in reading about a time of prayer and fasting in the Bible?  Click the link to discover the approach one of God’s chosen leaders – a man named Nehemiah – took when confronted with a problem => CLICK HERE.