Proxy 2.3

Our second week of Proxy Challenges is almost wrapped up. We’ve been focusing on trusting God – that is, believing what He’s said to be true and then stepping out in corresponding obedience.

And if you’re anything like me, it can be tough.

It seems that we have all ordered our lives and established our routines that get us through the day. They might be strict or loose, but they’re there. And whenever I need to adjust them, I feel this instinctive, knee-jerk reaction to hunker down and stay my own, original course.

But if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that when God wants me to do something … fighting Him on it brings me no joy. So I encourage you to press on, to fight through obstacles and excuses, and to enter into the profound blessing that comes with trusting the Lord.

And our final challenge of our second Proxy week leads us to one of the tougher acts of obedience, trusting God with our finances. We were challenged to Stretch Our Gift this week by “tithing on our tithe” … namely, for the month of May to increase our regular giving by 10%. If you usually give $20 a week, stretch it to $22. Normally $100? Stretch it to $110, and so forth. Not regularly giving anything? Stretch it to $10 per week, trusting that the Lord will provide.

In our culture, trusting God with our finances is especially difficult. But in Christ, we’ve been given everything – our future, our hope, our eternities. Let’s see what God does in our hearts and in our church when we trust Him with our checkbooks, too.

Why not take a few minutes to read some of what the Apostle Paul shared with the Christians in the city of Philippi when it comes to thinking about giving to the cause of Christ. =>