Proxy 2.2

Pastor Rick Warren uses the acrostic SHAPE (that is, your Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences) to talk about the way God wired you and why you need to not just KNOW your SHAPE but USE it to do the things God made you to do. In our PROXY series, we’ve outlined that three main ways God wants us to be good representatives of Him is how we use our Time, our Talent, and our Treasure. Our talent is probably best described by using this SHAPE concept, not just simply what we’re good at.

This past Sunday, one of our My Proxy Challenges taps into this SHAPE – namely, that we use how God has wired us to embrace and express forgiveness to someone who has wronged us in a deep way. And in one manner of thinking, this is probably our most difficult challenge yet.

All of us have been wronged, been hurt, been betrayed, forgotten, abused, rejected, scorned, ridiculed, taken advantage of, or shamed. All of us. All. Of. Us. And while we may know what Jesus says about forgiveness, when we’ve been injured by another in a deep, lasting way, we often find that it seems easier to hold on to a bitterness and resentment rather than offer forgiveness.

But we are not called to an easy life – but a holy life. A redeemed life. A NEW life. And for those of us who have been created anew as new creations, forgiven of all our wrongs by our Great God above, the most freeing and loving thing we can do is offer that forgiveness, particularly when it is difficult to give.

We were challenged: “Sometime this week, resolve to forgive someone and reach out to them.” This is our calling in Jesus. This is our freedom in Christ. If you haven’t already, won’t you reach out to that person – or persons – who you have yet to truly forgive. Use how God has wired you, with all of your gifts, passions, quirks, skills, and experience, to extend that forgiveness. Maybe it’s a phone call. Maybe it’s over coffee, face-to-face. Maybe it’s a letter. Or a song. Or a piece of art. Whatever it is, be true to who God has shaped you to be and extend that forgiveness.

It’s hard. EXTREMELY hard. But it is also SO worth it.

And for your extra 10 minutes of knowing God today, why not check out some of what the Bible teaches us about forgiveness. =>