Proxy 2.1

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re ALL busy. And being busy means that we have all kinds of demands on our time. In light of all that busy-ness, our first proxy challenge this week asked us to make a commitment of our time for the remainder of month-long series … to spend the extra 30-40 minutes to connect in with ThriveTime, our weekly smaller-group discussion forums on Sundays.

How about it? I know that we all have reasons – or maybe just excuses? – that would have us slipping out the door before Thrive. But do we really TRUST God that if we do the kind of things that He has asked us to do (encourage, exhort, challenge, sharpen, pray for, love, and build up one another), then He’ll bring real blessing into our lives? That He’ll use that process to help conform us to the image of His Son, our Savior Jesus?

Do we really, truly know what He wants for us and from us … and are we willing to TRUST Him with that knowledge? Let’s THRIVE together! And take a moment to read these encouraging words =>