Proxy 1.2

Our second Proxy Challenge from Pastor Tim directed us to “Encourage 5 People” this week – that is, to intentionally look for those who need a touch of Jesus’ grace and love and to “be Jesus” to them.

And why would this be a “knowing” challenge as we discover what it means to be the kind of representative God has called us to? Yesterday we highlighted our need to gain intellectual knowledge about who God is and what He wants from us, and today we are highlighting our need to develop our theological knowledge about Him. Whereas intellectual knowledge is necessary for understanding God, we have to be able to move that to a deeper, more integrated comprehension of how God works and what He values.
And hence, we discover what God wants us to do with the Talents He has given us by using them – in all their varied array – to encourage others, something that is inseparably woven into the character and nature of the Lord. Psalm 34.18 powerfully demonstrates this: “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”
Let’s continue to grow in our knowledge of the Lord by stepping into something close to the heart of God and purposefully look for ways to encourage those around us … five persons, in particular.
Or more, if you’re up to the challenge. 🙂