Pray & GO: Thursday’s GO Challenge


Thursday’s Pray & GO Challenge!

In one of the most profound, cosmic shifts in the order of all things, God not only allowed us a way to return to Him, but He sent Himself to make that way possible. He was willing to, was able to, and DID bear the penalty and weight of the collective sins of the human race across the great span of time. He was owed the debt, and He paid the debt.

The God who sends us was SENT.

What will I do with that inestimable example of servanthood?

First, will you worship God today for being the sent-and-sending God?

Next, will you look for a way to serve someone (in a big or little way) who DOESN’T deserve it? Don’t look to payback some for a kindness once received, but serve to serve as a way of worshiping the sent-and-sending God.