Pray & GO: Friday’s Challenge



One time on a trip to the mountains, my friend accidentally put diesel fuel into his gasoline-powered SUV. He didn’t put much into the tank before realizing his error, but even a gallon or so of the wrong propellant made the rest of the ride home bumpy and treated us to a lovely smoke show out of the exhaust system.

And that is a principle that applies to how we go about mission, as well: if we try to “push through” serving by obligation or guilt, the ride will be rough, and it will a short trip.

However, if my engagement into mission is a result of gratitude, of thanksgiving, of overwhelming gratefulness for how God has restored ME to HIM, how HE has done it ALL … that will be a mission that endures, that sustains, that impacts both the world and myself for all the long years of my life.


Reflect for a moment on all that God has done. For your salvation. For the salvation of the multitudes through the years. For the creation of the universe and His sustaining of it across the millennia. For all that He has brought you through and for where He is taking you.

Once you’ve had a chance to reflect through these things (and hopefully are absolutely swimming in gratitude for His goodness and majesty), look for a way today to serve someone out of that gratitude. Not out of some outward moral necessity, but simply out of that great abundance of gratitude. If we can do this, we can REALLY step into the mission Jesus desires for us.