Human Scavenger Hunt – 2015

The youth of Grace Family Church – IMITATE – are always up to something.  The end of February saw the latest edition of this fun in their Human Scavenger Hunt.  The youth assembled at Park City Mall and were tasked with finding nearly 30 adults from our church family – some were in plain sight, others were hiding, a few were in disguise, and a handful actually ran away from the youth!  All in all, it was a grand time.
Our hope with IMITATE Youth is to connect with students where they are and help them move to where God wants them to be, and we do this by coming alongside of parents, by engaging in fun activities that develop strong and healthy relationships between peers and staff alike, and by faithfully teaching the truths of the Bible, especially the Good News of Jesus Christ.
And getting people from God’s family from all different walks and stages of life together and laughing … well, we think that’s something that makes Jesus smile.
Here is a brief video recap of some of the fun that was had: