The teenage years are amazing, crazy, scary, and exciting times … times when some of the biggest decisions of our lives are made or when the foundations for those decisions are laid.  At GSM, we are totally committed to providing relevant, substantive, and FUN service to, for, and with our students. 
The youth of GSM usually meet on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.00pm for a fun and meaningful time, including games and devotional study.  We also tend to have “extra” activities every 4-6 weeks throughout the year. We are solidly committed to coming alongside of parents to help introduce teens to Jesus Christ, challenge them to serve Him with their lives, and help mentor them through their changing life stage.   
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1.  ANNUAL PACKET – 2017 | Every calendar year, each
individual student will need to complete this packet
of basic clearances. 
2.  INDIVIDUAL EVENT FORMS – 2017 | In addition to the
annual packet (completed only once every year) this 
form must be completed for each individual event.
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