Fight Club – Chapter 6

Gentlemen! Please be courageous and join the thousands of men around the country who are stepping up to the plate to be the men we need to be, and to also be there for brothers who need our help and support! God is doing amazing things through Fight Club. With so many men fleeing the church and shirking their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, friends and brothers, something needs to be done.

Fight Club is a men’s discipleship resource developed by men, for men, to reach men – to turn the tide on mediocrity and cause men to stand and say, “not on my watch!”  For more information on Fight Club, CLICK HERE.

Our next chapter of Fight Club begins with the kick-off event on FRIDAY March 13 from 10pm-12am. $5 at the door. Event will be held at the campus of our ministry partner, GATEWAY CHURCH.

Register at or email us by CLICKING HERE.

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